Name: Sabrina Mahboobani, Pranic Healer
Title: Chakral Therapy For Improved Well-Being
Date: 2019-12-28
Health, as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary refers to, “the condition of a person’s body or mind. The state of being physically and mentally healthy.” The definition clearly outlines two categories: physical health and mental health. Many times, mental health is equated with emotional health.

Physical health is easy to understand; eating healthy, exercising regularly and sleeping sufficiently all aid in maintaining good physical health. Being mentally and emotionally strong/stable requires some extra effort. While it is important to keep the body strong and healthy, it is equally vital to ensure the mind and the emotions are kept in check. The concept of good health, therefore, requires the understanding that the physical, mental and emotional states are not mutually exclusive. In fact, mental and emotional health are interrelated and greatly affect one’s physical health.

Challenges of life constantly growing, the pressures and stresses of daily life take a toll on our physical, emotional and mental states. Consequently, a majority of health conditions today are psychosomatic in origin. While doctors are able to administer medication to relieve symptoms, occasionally, it may be insufficient to merely treat the resulting condition. Such occasions require one to look into and treat the underlying or root cause of the condition. However, that is easier said than done. For many ailments, identifying the source is challenging. Notwithstanding, by having a simple understanding of chakras and their functions, it is possible for one to achieve temporary and/or full recovery of their ailments. How does this work?

To properly understand chakras, we must first acquaint ourselves with one primary notion: the physical body has the innate ability to heal itself; a small cut will heal on its own with minimal medical intervention. It can do so because of the ‘Aura,’ which is an invisible energy field that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body. Within the Aura are Chakras, or energy centers, that run a cycle of absorption and repulsion of good and used-up energy, respectively. This energy runs through the Aura and the physical body, keeping the body healthy. Factors such as negative thoughts and emotions affect the cycle of the Chakras, disturbing the movement of this energy within the Aura, leading to blockages or congestion. The build-up of this congested energy results in the development of varying health conditions. Therefore, by undergoing chakral cleansing therapy, one can feel relief from the symptoms of their condition.

For instance, stress leads to high blood pressure, which can lead to migraines if not treated properly. Of course, medical attention would undoubtedly be required. Alongside the prescribed drugs, by simply adding the cleansing of relevant chakras, one can monitor and control their blood pressure and subsequently find relief from the migraines. By undergoing a series of chakral cleansing sessions, even without specifically identifying the cause of the stress, one will see a considerable change in their personal attitudes, abilities to manage tasking situations, etc.

The beauty about chakral cleansing is that It can be applied on any person of any age in any state of health. It does not require one to be ill or have any specific ailment. Each one of us will have imbalances in our Aura, even if there is no formally-diagnosed illness. These imbalances can be treated by any practicing Pranic Healer. Pranic Healing is a chakral cleansing therapy. It is a safe, non-touch healing modality that uses the body’s own energy to bring about good health and overall wellbeing. To know more about chakras, the Aura and Pranic Healing, the GMCKS Pranic Healing Centre on 08050299834.